Rife Sessions ~ Healing with Frequencies

Rife Sessions

Can you imagine regaining your health in a simple, relaxing way that is non-invasive? Well you can and the results can be profound.

The Real Culprit behind most diseases or conditions is pathogens. We all have pathogens, viruses, and bacteria in our bodies. We know that pathogens are nasty little things and when they proliferate, our body becomes overwhelmed, our immune system weakens, and a disease or condition may manifest in the body. It would follow then if we rid our bodies of pathogens, we would experience a renewed state of health and vitality.

Could Rife technology be your answer?

What is Rife Technology? Everything is energy, and energy vibrates at different levels. The vibratory rate of an apple, for instance, is different from the vibratory rate (or frequency) of an orange, just as the frequency of a bacteria is different from the frequency of a fungus.

In the 1920’s, Dr. Royal Rife developed a technology based on these specific vibratory rates. By increasing the intensity of the specific frequency of a living microbe, the microbes distorted and totally disintegrated.

The principle is easily illustrated by using an intense musical note to shatter a wine glass. The molecules of a wine glass are vibrating or oscillating at the same harmonic frequency of the musical note. Because everything else has a different resonant frequency, nothing but the glass is destroyed. To reiterate, only the targeted pathogen would be destroyed, nothing else.

Every molecule in the universe has its own individual resonant frequency. Over many decades of intense research, frequencies specific to herpes, spinal meningitis, influenza, Lyme disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and an immense number of other conditions have been identified and captured in Rife Technology. More examples are bronchitis, pneumonia, dental conditions, the common cold, and many, many more.

What is a Rife Session Like?

Frequencies are delivered to the body comfortably and effortlessly via sophisticated computer protocols. Programs are selected to specifically target the individual, allowing for maximum effectiveness and therapeutic effect. Clients are seated in a comfortable chair or can choose to lie down as well. They can read, carry on conversations, have a nap, eat or drink, during the session. Cell phones should be turned off so as not to interfere with the frequencies being generated by the individual programs. The length of a program varies according to the condition being targeted and everyone is unique in their experience.This will be discussed during your free consultation. 

Please Note: The Rife machine is considered to be an alternative medical marvel by many who report that it has cured them of cancer, parasites and numerous other ailments. Conventional medicine generally disagrees. You will have to decide for yourself. The user must undertake responsible experimentation and voluntarily accept all responsibility for the application of this device. ( I am bound to be clear and upfront on this)

Additional Support

You may wish to add a few private Infrared Sauna sessions as well in our beautiful sauna suite. When the body begins to balance itself, minor symptoms like the odd headache, sore throat, sinus congestion, tired or lethargic feeling, aches and pains or possibly even nausea are all usual signs of the body cleansing. This is known as the “healing process” or herxheimer effect, herx for short. The body is eliminating toxins, the dead pathogens, and is temporarily overloaded. You can speed up this process of elimination by sweat therapy. Book your private Infrared Sauna session today. More information on sauna therapy can be found here.

Rife Sessions Pricing

30 Minute FREE:
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Included in your free consultation is a mini Rife Session.

Disclaimer: We do not diagnose or prescribe, nor is it our purpose to replace the services of your doctor or traditional medicine. We offer information along with our suggested wellness programs to those who are willing to share responsibility for their own health with their physicians. In the event our client uses our services and goes off their prescriptions without the approval of a physician, he/she assumes full responsibility for their well being.

It should not be misconstrued to mean, imply, or indicate that the programs offered cure anything, as no such claims are made. ONLY THE BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF, so the services we offer should be viewed as powerful aids to the body in re-establishing normal functions. The body is very complex and providing a clean diet, meditation, and exercise is also important to optimize one’s health. Yoga is an excellent modality that incorporates meditation and movement.

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