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Many people generally feel crappy & tired – dealing with stress, aches, pains and all that. Maybe you relate to this. We have helped hundreds of people feel amazing again at Radiant Health Yoga. With in studio and virtual yoga classes, plus an extensive library of videos on demand, you have the choice, the convenience to take care of your health whenever or even wherever you choose.  Want to do yoga at 5 am? No problem, we have an extensive library of videos that you can view at any time of the day or night. New to yoga? The 14 video on demand Beginner Series is a great place to start. Got a cold or perhaps away on a business trip or at the cottage? Hey, join us in a virtual class. Want to connect with people, make new friends, deepen your practice? Well come to the studio for a live class.
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If increasing your strength and flexibility is your aim, then sweating your patootie off is the name of the game! Strive for consistent progress as you hone your practice.

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Wanna touch those toes? Getting heat deep into those muscles will bend you there! With consistency, you’ll be surprised at how gumby you can be. Less heat, less sweat. Fantastic!

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Yoga’s positive impact on strength, flexibility, balance and stress relief naturally serve as solution to many conditions. Find the cool class (normal temp) that suits your needs.

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