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Closing November 26

Katherine’s Personal Letter

The past 20 months, we (Patrick, Carolyne and I) did our best to have hope, we did our best to be there for you, to keep our hearts strong and our heads above water. In our hearts we knew that we were needed, more now than ever before, to help you stay grounded, connected – sane. We soldiered on. We were rewarded by your support and show of love to us in return. Many of you stuck with us right from the beginning to present day of this nightmare. Hugs and thanks to all of you.

But I’m tired now, too many disappointments, and far too many heartbreaks – it is time for me to take care of me. To shed the responsibilities, the expectations, and take some time to recover.

To be honest, we had planned to retire this year, but not like this. Our hope was to build a successful business (which we did) and then either hire a manager or find a new owner. However, the business is not as it once was and the market for interest is too nervous.

I know this is heartbreaking news, and for that I apologize, but it is time for us to end this chapter of our lives.

Thank you for sharing your time with us, for choosing us. Without you I could never have explored my passion so deeply for teaching people, for helping people to realize the potential within them, to reach for more. I can only hope that I succeeded in some way for some of you. I would not have grown as a person, developed more patience, compassion, & understanding without you. A lifelong project by the way.

I must mention how grateful I am for our teachers (Carolyne, Mary, Rebecca, Shannon & Melissa) in more ways than you could ever know. They have been such an integral part of our studio, my life, and I know that you love them all as I do.

May every sunrise hold more promise, and every sunset hold more peace.

With love 💕  & gratitude 🙏 , Katherine (& Patrick, can’t forget the hubby now, can I?)


Carolyne’s Personal Letter

Wow! What a decade + 2 years it has been.

It’s a wee bit surreal that the day has come and these words are needing to be written….. to sum up the last 12 years would probably make for a good novel or nextflix mini series!

I’ve witnessed so many great things here at Radiant that it is so very bitter sweet to close this chapter of my life.

I entered into teaching on a whim, to help support my parents in their vision of creating a business that was geared towards community & wellness… and to have a career that was adaptable for me & my young, growing family. It never even occurred to me in those early years just how rewarding this career would be and how much it would change, shape and benefit my life for the better.

I want to thank you all for supporting our family business and this sweet little communitty we all helped to create.  Know that when you were dedicating that hour to show up for yourself, you were also supporting our local economy and on a personal level you were supporting me in showing up as the best version of myself.

I have met some of my very best friend here and have shared many laughs, tears and deep meaningful conversations. And that’s what I will miss and cherish the most, the community of open minds willing to take a deeper, more meaningful look at life… we all know yoga is so much more than making fun shapes with our bodies while trying to hold in a fart!

The yogic path is one that has brought me so much peace but has also shaken me to my very depths. It’s kept me striving to find truth, growth, and allowed me to share the love, possibilities, mysteries and beauties that this life has to offer.

It hasn’t always been easy but man was it worth it!

Peace & love to you all as we enter into a life without this sanctuary…  know that a true yoga class happens as soon as you leave your mat, the true practice was always beyond these walls… this place was the safe haven for us to sink in and explore… to prepare us for life beyond the studio♥️

Kindest regards,

Say Hello.


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