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Our Family: Katherine, Patrick & Carolyne

Family run, inclusive and community minded, it’s all the little things at Radiant Health Yoga that add up to a great experience for you. A welcoming studio environment, not a gym… no competition and no mirrors here!

Radiant Health Yoga will change your life. There is a fabulous variety of classes to choose from, all taught by some super amazing teachers. We are an independent, locally owned and operated business, offering yoga since 2009 and were the first hot yoga studio in Oxford County.

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Katherine de Boer

CYT 500+ hr. // Co-Owner

What I Love: Dancing with abandon, being among the ancients of our world, trees and snuggling with my kitty cats.
Can Do Without: Pickles, yuk but I like relish – weird I know. Baths, I can’t be still that long, but no fear, I do like showers (in case you were wondering).
Quote: “Be Not Content with Littleness” – A Course in Miracles
Fave Pose: Half Moon for its strength and balance.
Wouldn’t Miss: Camel or Fish pose – eek, not a fan of deep back bends.

Carolyne Macdonald

CYT 300+ hr. // Manager

What I Love: Coffee in the morning, my family and the moon.
Can Do Without: Tailgaters and capitalism.
Quote: “Be the Change”
Fave Pose: Savasana.
Wouldn’t Miss: Chair pose.

Melissa Morris

CYT 200 hr. // Manager

What I Love: Camping – sitting by the campfire hearing the crackle of the fire. Nothing to do, no where to go. Just staring into the flames and being one with nature. Ahhhhh ….. soooo relaxing! And of course gotta love campfire cones. Not sure what that is …. come ask me.
Can Do Without: Judgement from others and from self. We are so quick to judge others rather than trying to understand the other person. Always choose love towards self and others.
Quote: If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change you attitude.
Fave Pose: Child Pose and Forward Fold. No matter how my body is feeling that day these are always relaxing and helps release my body.
Wouldn’t Miss: Plank pose! However …. I know the amazing benefits this pose can give you and how having a strong core can help with your yoga practice AND in everyday life as well.

Rebecca Streutker

CYT 200 hr.

What I Love: I love camping!  I enjoy being outdoors – when its warm – and relaxing by the campfire.
Can Do Without: I could do with out winter. I like cold sunny days with some snow but NO to -10 and a wind chill!!  How about we just make spring and fall longer?
Quote: “Be where you are, not where you think you should be”.
Fave Pose: Mountain pose (Tadasana). I feel strong and tall and rooted to the earth in this pose.
Wouldn’t Miss: Boat pose because it’s too hard lol! That means I probably need to work on it by practicing it more often!

Mary Loy

CYT 200+ hr.

What I Love: Heated car seats.
Can Do Without: Cauliflower – hate the stuff (even with cheese sauce!).
Quote: “Small Things With Great Love” – Mother Teresa
Fave Pose: Child’s pose.
Wouldn’t Miss: Gecko pose.

Karen Sutherland

CYT 200 hr.

What I Love: My family is my deepest love and the reason I am who I am and do what I do. They are my everything. On an everyday level, I really enjoy a deep, meaningful one-on-one conversation.
Favourite Flower: (yes I added this…) Wild daisies. They are simple and beautiful, wild and free, and grow in any environment – like me 🙂
Can Do Without: The idea of perfection and the perception that making a mistake is wrong. What goes hand-in-hand with these ideals is criticism and judgement, which I could also do without.
Quote: I have tried to instil this in my children: “You don’t have to be friends with everyone but you do always need to be kind”.
Fave Pose: Balancing poses and either Tree or Warrior 3 are my faves, ’cause they make me feel strong and super-focused.
Wouldn’t Miss: Fierce/Chair pose.

Sharron Poole

200 CYT

What I Love: I love being outside, in all seasons, taking in all the wonders of nature and filling up my lungs with fresh air.
Can Do Without: I can do without negativity, there is always a flip side to all situations!
Quote: “May you have peace in your mind, strength in your body and love in your heart!”
Fave Pose: Warrior 2, I love love love warrior 2 pose! Looking back on all your have done, all you have been, then looking forward to your future and all you will become!
Wouldn’t Miss: Upward Facing Dog.

Amazing Sub Teachers

Christy Cook: CYT 200
Sharron Poole: CYT 200
Sharon McClorry: CYT 200
Lisa Deck: CYT 200

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