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Our Family: Katherine, Patrick & Carolyne

Family run, inclusive and community minded, it’s all the little things at Radiant Health Yoga that add up to a great experience for you. A welcoming studio environment, not a gym… no competition and no mirrors here!

Radiant Health Yoga will change your life. There is a fabulous variety of classes to choose from, all taught by some super amazing teachers. We are an independent, locally owned and operated business, offering yoga since 2009 and were the first hot yoga studio in Oxford County.

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Katherine de Boer

CYT 500+ hr. // Co-Owner

What I Love: Dancing with abandon, being among the ancients of our world, trees and snuggling with my kitty cats.
Can Do Without: Pickles, yuk but I like relish – weird I know. Baths, I can’t be still that long, but no fear, I do like showers (in case you were wondering).
Quote: “Be Not Content with Littleness” – A Course in Miracles
Fave Pose: Warrior 2
Wouldn’t Miss: Rabbit Pose

I’m also a HeartMath® Certified Mentor, meaning I can help you conquer stress and build resilience.

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Carolyne Macdonald

CYT 300+ hr. // Manager

What I Love: Coffee in the morning, my family and the moon.
Can Do Without: Tailgaters and capitalism.
Quote: “Be the Change”
Fave Pose: Savasana.
Wouldn’t Miss: Chair pose.

Mary Loy

CYT 200+ hr.

What I Love: Heated car seats.
Can Do Without: Cauliflower – hate the stuff (even with cheese sauce!).
Quote: “Small Things With Great Love” – Mother Teresa
Fave Pose: Child’s pose.
Wouldn’t Miss: Gecko pose.

Rebecca Streutker

CYT 200 hr.

What I Love: I love camping!  I enjoy being outdoors – when its warm – and relaxing by the campfire.
Can Do Without: I could do with out winter. I like cold sunny days with some snow but NO to -10 and a wind chill!!  How about we just make spring and fall longer?
Quote: “Be where you are, not where you think you should be”.
Fave Pose: Mountain pose (Tadasana). I feel strong and tall and rooted to the earth in this pose.
Wouldn’t Miss: Boat pose because it’s too hard lol! That means I probably need to work on it by practicing it more often!

Shannon VandeWorp

CYT 200+ hr.

What I Love: Road trips with my husband and couch cuddles with my fur babies.
Can Do Without: Judgement, mostly self inflicted.
Quote: May the sun always shine upon your face, and the wind always be at your back. And May you walk in peace wherever you go.
Fave Pose: Tie between modified pigeon and constructive rest pose
Wouldn’t Miss: Downward Facing Dog pose.

Amazing Sub Teachers

Melissa Morris: CYT 200
Leenah Cole: CYT 200

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