Class Descriptions

Hot Classes


Designed to make you sweat. The infrared heat aids your body is attaining flexibility faster, helps to alleviate several pain issues and many have said that their sleep has improved tremendously. Come and appreciate a revitalizing sweat.


Designed to encourage you to find you inner power through breath with movement. This class may challenge you and cause the sweet flow of a healthy sweat.

Warm Classes


Designed to warm the tissues, ease the pain and still cultivate flexibility and strength through movement and breath. Beneficial to those who already are quite fit but lack the overall flexibility.


Designed with coziness in mind. Less heat, less sweat. The warm room welcomes you, with the focus more on stretch than strength, but there will still be challenges to conquer.


Designed to encourage the body and mind to experience peaceful surrender as gentle poses are held for longer periods of time.

Cool Classes

FUNdamentals Yoga

Designed especially for our Elite Plan members. These are like mini workshops with a specific focus, meant to enhance your yoga practice. For example, we have held classes that focused on the wrists, hips, or shoulder health.

* Bliss Yoga

Designed to awaken and lengthen the major muscle groups in a gentle way. A splash of strength, a generous helping of restorative poses. Come and enjoy the nurturing aspects of this class.

Cool Yoga

Designed to move with creativity, stretching the boundaries of traditional yoga. Some slow flow, a splash of strength challenges, or working with different props to enhance your class. Students are free to make this class as gentle or as challenging as they wish.

* Core Care Yoga

Designed to connect with the true foundation of your core. Sore back? Leakage? One of the primary reasons so many of us continue to deal with back pain or urinary leakage is weak and under active muscles. This is NOT a thousand crunches class; this is true core awareness. A great class for postnatal moms too.

* Restorative Yoga

Designed to let your cares melt away as the blankets, bolsters and blocks support your body in a most delicious manner. We learn to strengthen our muscles, but we must also learn how to relax. Restore your mind & body. Please wear layers as you may get chilly.

* Slow Yoga

Designed to soothe the nervous system, reducing both anxiety and depression, through slow mindful movement coupled with breath. Expect to de-stress, let go, recharge and revive!

Virtual Yoga

Practice yoga in the comfort of your own home. As we teach live at the studio the virtual class will be streamed into your home via Zoom at the same time. Please ensure your space is clear of obstacles. Have props handy at each class (blocks, straps, blankets).

On Demand Videos

Practice yoga in the comfort of your own home anytime you wish. 5 am practice? No problem, I wouldn’t personally understand why, but hey – go for it. Want a 20 minute class, 30 minutes or a full hour, we have them. Power Yoga, Gentle Yoga or Meditation – yep, got those too. Sweet eh?

Good to Know

* Is a beginner-friendly class.
+ Is an intermediate class.
All classes are 50 minutes in length and open to all levels of experience except for Intermediate Classes.
Preregistration is required for ALL classes. Cancellation window is 2 hours prior or subject to No Show / Late fees.

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