Class Descriptions

Standard Classes 

3 STYLES: Radiant, Mellow or Energizing

3 TEMPS: Hot, Warm or Normal

Class Schedule

RADIANT: These classes offer you an all round solid practice. A mix of some challenges and some slow movements with a pinch of fun. Great for all skill levels. (hot, warm or normal)

MELLOW: Mellow keeps it slow and soothing, A splash of restorative perhaps on some days, slow movement on other days. Great class for beginners. (hot, warm or normal)

ENERGIZING: Regardless of what temperature this class is – expect to sweat your patootie off. We keep you moving along at a steady pace. Not suitable for beginners. (hot, warm or normal)

Other Classes

VIRTUAL YOGA: Practice yoga in the comfort of your own home. As we teach live at the studio the virtual class will be streamed into your home via Zoom at the same time. Please ensure your space is clear of obstacles. Have props handy at each class (blocks, straps, blankets).

YOGA IN THE PARK: Join us for some outdoor yoga by the water + under the trees at Roth Park! Mother Nature is a great healer and so is social interaction. Physical distancing of course! All levels welcome. Fair weather only, cancelations will be determined 1 hour prior to class start.

Specialty Classes

CORE CARE YOGA: Designed to connect with the true foundation of your core. This is NOT a thousand crunches class; this is true core awareness. In fact this is the secret that you have been looking for to strengthen your core, improve your posture, eliminate leakages or prolapse and feel confident.

WARM RESTORE: Let your stress melt away as you sink into slow gentle movements while wrapped in cozy warmth. Postures are held for longer periods of time in order to soothe your heart, mind and body. Experience peaceful surrender.

RESTORATIVE YOGA: Let this class be your ultimate SELF-CARE as your stress melts away supported by the blankets, bolsters and blocks in a most delicious manner. We learn to strengthen our muscles, but we also need to learn how to relax. Restore your mind & body.

LINE DANCING: Whaaaat? That’s not yoga! True but it is fun. This is a beginner friendly class where we break down the routines so you learn them, and then we do some dancin’. The music is a mix from country to rock and roll. Hands down dancin’ is the best thing for your brain health. Join Katherine, a dancin’ fool herself, for some light cardio fun.

MANIFEST YOUR LIFE: In this 4 week mini series, you will learn the secrets to manifesting more of what you truly want in life. A happier life, prosperity and good health. Katherine with her extensive knowledge will guide the group in understanding both the mystical and scientific aspects of manifesting your life.

FUNdamental YOGA: Refine your practice with this awesome pop up class that digs deep into the FUNdamentals of yoga postures. Each class we will be focusing on a specific pose or theme, really getting into the nitty gritty of it all. Or maybe, just maybe something totally unexpected, you never know for sure. lol

Good to Know

Most classes are 60 minutes in length and open to all levels of experience.
Mellow classes are great for beginners. Radiant classes are open to all levels. Energizing classes are not suitable for beginners.
Preregistration is required for ALL classes. Cancellation window is 4 hours prior or subject to class forfeit or No Show / Late fees.

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