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yoga community and feel amazing inside and out.

If you feel a little scared, nervous or worried that you’ve never done anything like this before, that’s OK. Most of our students felt that way at their first class, but they made it and so will you!


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AWESOME DEAL – pack in as many classes as you want for two weeks and discover just how amazing we are! You receive a buddy pass when you arrive because well, everything is more fun with a buddy! We also toss in yoga mat and towel service if needed and when your pass is just about up, we have a discount deal for you.
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Sorry, no suspensions or extensions granted and pass must be activated within 30 days of date of purchase.

On Your Way In:

Always strive to arrive at least fifteen minutes early, to provide time to register if you are new, to change if needed and to settle into class. Class begins promptly. In consideration of others, latecomers cannot be permitted..

IF you elected to sign up for a class online, you MUST check in 10 minutes prior to class start or risk losing your spot.

 Turn off all cell phones and wrist devices before entering the yoga studio.

Please be slient (no whispering) while in the yoga practice room. Please visit softly with others in the hallway or lounge area out of respect for others.

As many people may have sensitivities or allergies to fragrances, please refrain from applying perfume, cologne, or other heavily scented products or wearing scented clothing (scented laundry products).

Clothing: Please wear clothing that is light, comfortable and contains your physical attributes.

It is recommended not to eat for 1-2 hours before class, and to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It is very important to arrive hydrated when practicing hot yoga.

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